Lemon cheese, end result

Here is how the lemon cheese turned out! 😀

This photo was taken right after the bag was taken down from the hanging rig.

Of course, I gave it a taste.

It has very mild in flavour, as to be expected with a cheese like this. Lightly salty – I probably could have added maybe an extra half teaspoon, instead of the quarter teaspoon or so I added, to adjust for using 4L instead of 1 gallon. It has a light, almost creamy texture to it.

Because it’s so loose, I squeezed it together in the cheesecloth a bit, then put it back into the colander over the bowl, put a plate over it and weighed it down with my stone mortar. Just for a couple of minutes, to make it easier to transfer into a container.

Since it’s such a fresh cheese, it will need to be finished quickly.

I don’t think we’ll have a problem with that! 😀

Then, because I had a big bowl of still-warm whey handy, I made up a double batch of bread, using whey for the liquid. This works out really well. Yeast seems to really like whey. The dough has a softer feel to it while kneading, and the finished bread is lighter, with a delicate crumb and a lovely flavour.

We’ll be storing the rest of the whey in the fridge to use in other baking. It would be awesome in a sourdough bread!

I’m quite pleased with the end result of this cheese. Definitely something I will be making again, and maybe playing around with adding things, like fresh herbs, to it at the salting stage.

The Re-Farmer

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