Going wild

Wild with wild flowers, that is!

And… other things.

While doing my rounds this morning, I got to enjoy some lovely wildflowers.

I’m counting the cranberries as wild, since they are self-sown. 😉

There is a path of flowers running along the south fence that my mother sowed many years ago and have been taking care of themselves, ever since. They’re doing much better, now that we’ve cleared that fence line as much as we have. The white flower in the first photo is the first of these to bloom; there are several more of them budding, and lots of buds on another type with purple flowers that look like they will be blooming, soon.

I don’t know what that tiny purple flower growing in the moss is. The flower looks like a miniature bearded iris!

The wild roses are blooming nicely, but on one of them – just one – I found this.

I’m used to seeing caterpillars eating the plants. Not beetles!

My daughters reminded me to check out the patch of nettles growing near the barn door into the hay yard, to see some caterpillars they found.

A few of the nettles are covered with these caterpillars. They’re not the canker worms I expected, and am more used to seeing around here, like these ones. I’ve just been looking them up and my memory was correct; cankerworms have a preference for trees, like maple and elm. They can also be incredibly destructive. About every 10 years or so, their populations explode and cause a lot of problems. In between those explosions, we don’t see them all that much at all.

These guys, from what I can find, may be the caterpillars for any of three different butterflies. None of the photos I’ve been able to find are helping much to identify them properly, but they could be Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell or Peacock butterfly caterpillars.

So… these are good things to have.

I hope!

Also, it’s not a good idea to walk through a nettle patch while wearing shorts. Especially after getting clawed up by kittens.

We are, however, supposed to get really hot today. As I write this, we’ve already reached 28C, with a “real feel” of 33C. (82F/91F). Thunderstorms are on the way, though from the weather radar, it looks like they’ll miss us. The system seems to be getting pushed up from the south a lot more than I usually see, and it looks like the storms are going to hit to the north of us. Other provinces have already been hit with severe storms, with golf ball sized hail and flash flooding. It’s been really crazy to see videos people have posted online. I don’t expect to be getting any of that here, though the high winds did bring down another, somewhat larger dead branch this morning. Nothing near any buildings, thankfully.

We shall see how things work out!

The Re-Farmer

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