More felines, and a bit of a switch

I just had to share this picture of David, as we discovered him this morning.

He does love that sink!

He fits perfectly, too.

While doing my rounds, I had some Creamsicle company. 🙂

What a cutie!

He likes to follow me while I do my rounds, and especially when I switch out the trail cam memory cards.

Unfortunately, with the new camera, I found the batteries had died. I didn’t think I’d need to bring any with me, so I was going to go back later to take care of that.

Then I checked the files.

There wasn’t a single file on the new camera’s card. Not one. Looks like the batteries should have been changed yesterday. 😦

I did, however, see our vandal on the gate camera again, making passes on his ATV, driving up to the gate or giving the finger as he passed by.

So I decided to switch the new camera to another location, opposite the old camera. It means using a fence post instead of a tree, which sucks, but it should still work. I’m hoping the wider angle of the new camera, as well as the angle of where it is located, will result in more detailed files.

What a pain.

Ah, well. It is what it is. We just have to deal with it.

The Re-Farmer

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