Well, that sucks… and why is that there?

Not too long ago, I wrote about my daughters installing a new kitchen faucet. One of the issues was, we have no shut off valves. There is one main shut off valve that shuts off water to the entire house.

Today, that became a problem.

One of my daughters had gone into the basement to clean out the litter boxes, when she discovered water dripping from the cold water pipe leading to the kitchen sink.

No, the pipe was not leaking. The water was coming from above, and from the damp state of the floorboards above, it had been leaking a while.

My younger daughter started clearing out under the sink to see what was going on, while her sister and I started cleaning up in the basement.

Suddenly, the drip started dripping even faster!

Which is when the water for the house had to be shut off.

My daughter had tried to tighten the flexible pipe between the copper pipe and the tap, and it started spraying all over.

Did I mention there are no shut off valves for the sink?

It ended up falling apart, and try as they might, the girls couldn’t even rig something up to hold overnight, so we could turn the water back on.

While they were fighting with that, I went hunting in the basements. There are so many parts and pieces around, surely there must be something we could use to at least plug the pipe, so we could turn the water back on?

When we were cleaning out the basement, some things never made it to the barn. Including a box I’d shoved under the stairs. It’s full of parts and pieces of taps and faucets and pipes…

… and balls, and parts of shower heads that have never been used, and other unidentifiable things.

I also found this.

Actually, I found the box with an eyedropper and what appears to be the instruction sheet inside. I found the bottle that should have been in it, buried in the bottom of the box.

You’d think, by now, I’d no longer be surprised by the things I find in the strangest of places, but … really. Why? Why was this here??

I’ve since tucked it into a place the cats and kittens can’t get into.

Meanwhile, the girls were able to seal up the top of the cold water pipe in the kitchen, allowing us to turn the water back on to the house.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the hardware store, as soon as it opens!

I figure, we may as well replace both of the flexible hoses, which I’ve seen in kits for both hot and cold water.

And maybe get some shut off valves, too.

The Re-Farmer

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