Good news!

And it only took 2 years and 5 months.

My husband got a letter from the pain clinic in the city today. He has an appointment for next month!

Which will make it almost exactly 2 1/2 years since he was first put on the waiting list.

It took 2 years and a new doctor making some noise just to finally get their 14 page (or was it 17 pages?) questionnaire. That got sent in, but then the lock down happened and my husband, like so many others, got knocked off the priority list for health care.

He had to call in to confirm, then answer pandemic related questions. He was also told if he doesn’t have a mask, they’ll provide one.

He had a little chat with our daughter, and she will be making him a pirate mask.

Finally, he’ll be able to talk to a specialist about managing his pain. Who knows what will come of it. At the pain clinic before we moved, he had a team of 5 different specialists overseeing his case. The heart clinic out here has a team of 5 specialists, too, but they all work together on the same things, so when he comes in for an appointment there, he can see any one of them. At the previous pain clinic, each team member focused on a different area, such as pain medications, physical pain management, etc, with one primary care giver. We have no clue what to expect out here. So much of the health care in this province is different from before. Even with basic health care, they do things slightly differently, though at least part of that is the difference between living in the city, or in the boonies, like we are.

I am really hoping this is the start of some sort of treatment plan to at least get the pain under better control. We’ve known for some time – and at least one specialist made sure we understood this – that my husband will never be not-disabled again. He will never be 100% pain free. The best we can expect is an improvement in quality of life. Any improvement at all will be a blessing.

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Hopefully, he finds some relief it’s a learning curve mainly on how to deal with it. I share his pain as I’ve had chronic pain since 06, 7-10 on the pain scale daily confined to a wheelchair. Some things work some don’t and none of it works for everyone or has the same effects, but in the end it does help a lot. The most important thing I discovered is I can be in pain but still feel good, as you and he know being in pain all of the time is exhausting. The more we participate with the Doctor’s the more successful the enterprise is, I truly hope he does well.

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    • Oh, that’s a long time to be in such pain!

      And yeah – that exhaustion. It’s sometimes as debilitating for my husband as the pain itself.

      Thank you for your kind words.


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