Running on empty

I guess it’s a good thing our washing machine didn’t come in. It means we are NOT driving to the city today. Right now, I’m glad to not have to make the trip. For some reason, I had a sleepless night, and am running on empty. I did finally get a few hours of sleep, but not until after 6am!

Thank God my “job” is to take care of this place, where we can be flexible in how and when we take care of things, depending on schedules, health issues and the weather.

Speaking of weather, today is going to be a good day to have no energy and stay inside.

We’re looking at a high of 32C/90F this afternoon, with the humidex bringing it to 42C/107F.

The storms I’d been tracking on the weather radar over the past couple of days not only passed us by, but even the rain we were expecting didn’t materialize. With 88% humidity, it was decidedly muggy when I did my rounds this morning! It does look like we got some sort of drizzle this morning, at least.

Unfortunately, it also meant I didn’t have the energy to clean up the mess the skunk made this morning. After cleaning up in the old kitchen and sun room, we had two large garbage bags set aside on the patio blocks by the main entry, waiting for our next dump run. For some reason, the skunk tore one of them apart. We found him in there this morning, still burrowing. These bags have no food garbage in them. What was the skunk after in there?

We really need to build a box to hold our garbage bags until we can get to the dump.

Then, when I went to check on the squash beds, I discovered a little gourd plant dug up. It was one of the ones that finally came up in the seed tray, long after the others had been transplanted, so I wasn’t expecting anything from it. Yet, it also seems to have been the only surviving gourd plant. Birdhouse gourds are a climbing vine, and it had enough tendrils that I gave it its own bamboo pole to climb and was starting to train it upwards. I doubt it will survive, but I put it back. Whatever the skunk was digging for was under the vine, and once it was aside the skunk left it be. The plant itself is undamaged, but the damage to the roots might be too much.

There had never been a lot of gourd seeds that germinated, but I know there had been several among the transplants. I was pretty sure I’d been able to put mostly gourds along the back row in the squash bed, but none of what’s growing there have tendrils. Now that I know which ones are the sunburst squash, that means all the others are from the Summer Surprise mix of different zucchini.

I’m kinda disappointed. I had really hoped to have some birdhouse gourds for future crafting! They require a year to dry out before they can be used, so this was already a long term plan.

Ah, well. I’ve since found a website that specializes in different types of gourds. The next time I try to grow them, I will order some different varieties from there. There is bound to be something that will grow in our region, and hopefully, we will be better able to protect them from the elements – and digging skunks! – too.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Running on empty

  1. Patience on the gourds. 🙂 All things in time.

    The weather sounds alot like down here. Constant predictions of storms, 80% of which miss us. They all come close enough to put the humidity through the roof though.

    The skunks… Is there anyone in your area, like an animal control agency that might trap and relocate them? They’re cute to look at but destructive, and then there’s the whole stink / spraying issue too.

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    • For the gourds, I probably should have waiting until we had a better set up, but if I waited for everything to be just right, I’d never get anything started. Lol

      Weather wise, we are pretty fortunate. The city we moved away from has been hammered this year.

      As for the skunks… I don’t mind them too much. They eat the grubs in the yard. They tend to be pretty calm. If the become a problem, there are places I can call. Until then, we will just figure out how to protect things from their … enthusiasm. Lol

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