Junk pile babies!

I had a much more pleasant surprise this morning, besides finding myself face to face with a wasps nest.

While walking past the junk pile, I suddenly saw a white, orange and black face looking at me!

I quickly grabbed my phone to take a picture, but by the time I looked back…

There was an orange face staring at me.

A playful little orange baby that did not run and hide from me.

Then Butterscotch came over and let me pet her before jumping up on the junk pile herself. I got to pet her some more before she moved further away.

There is the little calico beauty!

So adorable!

Oh? Is that orange movement behind the calico?

Why, yes it is! Hello, orange baby!

The babies ignored me and started going for Butterscotch and climbing to the top of the pile.

I just switched to video when another orange baby showed up?

They are so big and fluffy!!! They would be quite a bit younger than the other kittens, and yet they’re not that much smaller!

Oh? Did I hear something scrabbling around in the junk pile?

Number four!

They just hung around at the top and played while I stood just a few feet away. I got closer to these guys than with any of the other kittens, except Little Braveheart.

Just look at the smug expression on Butterscotch’s face! She’s all like “see… I don’t kill ALL my babies. I’m a good mama… when I’m outside!”

Going past the junk pile later, I saw the calico and an orange baby playing at the top. With Mom not there, they ran off when they saw me.

That makes 3 litters of yard cats. I’ve only seen one of Rosencrantz’s 3 babies lately, so that makes a total of 8, for sure. Possibly 10.

It’s a good thing Beep Beep is content to stay indoors. Otherwise, there would probably be another litter on the way!

The Re-Farmer

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