Yard bebbies

While doing this morning’s rounds, I got to see all of Butterscotch’s babies!

My apologies for the terrible picture. 😦

I was zoomed in from the far side of the lilacs in the flower garden to get this. Thankfully, after clearing out the spreading cherry saplings, I had a perfectly positioned window to watch them through. As soon as I moved, however, they were gone!

I was just finishing up and starting to go into the house when I saw Little Braveheart was out, so I sat on the steps and tried to lure her closer.

This was as close as she would get. She was curious enough to come out, but content enough to just sit there!

After I while, I did see a little Tabby face peering at me through the spirea, too. 🙂 Not quite as brave as Little Braveheart!

I really hope we can get these bebbies socialized, at a little bit!

The Re-Farmer

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