Holy Kohlrabi!

One of the things we planted this spring was a couple of rows of kohl rabi (or is it kohlrabi? I have seen it both ways…).

They have not done well.

Of all that we planted, there were about 4 surviving plants that sprouted.

Of those, a couple got et by deer.

The last two, however, were getting quite big and leafy and looking to have some potential, though there was as yet no sign of a bulb forming.

Then, something got at them.

At first, it looked like the caterpillars from cabbage moths. I found a whole bunch on the underside of the leaves, wreaking havoc, and got rid of them.

Soon after, however, the leaves were looking even worse.

I took this picture yesterday. These are the culprits.

The leaves are absolutely infested with these teeny, tiny black beetles.

I hosed them off after taking the picture, but when I checked them today, they were back, and there’s hardly anything left of the leaves, but the veins and stems.

So… kohl rabi is a bust for our garden!

Darn. I was looking forward to having our own. It’s one of those “treat” vegetables that we buy only once in a while.

At least whatever those beetles are, they are completely uninterested in anything else we’re growing.

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Holy Kohlrabi!

  1. Found them. They’re called cabbage beetles, flea beetles, or cabbage flea beetles, and they apparently love broad leaf veggies like lettuce, cabbage and kohlrabi. They’re a continent wide problem too apparently, as even SF Gate had an article or two on them.

    I can’t think of Kohlrabi without remembering the old Strawberry Shortcake cartoons. One episode, the evil Peculiar Purple Pie Man entered that episode’s baking contest with kohlrabi cookies. He had hypnotized the judges too and was declared the winner until Strawberry Shortcake made them taste his cookies, lol. That episode always stuck in my head for some reason, lol

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