Poor Man’s Hippocras: taste test

The girls and I had a lovely evening, sharing a charcuterie board to go with our version of hippocras.

We strained the spiced out using a jelly bag, and kept it warm until we were ready. Here is how it turned out.

The first thing to notice was how deep the colour had become. You can see in the photo that the glass even steamed up from the warmth. It had been kept on low heat, too!

So how did it turn out?

For my initial taste test, I could make out the predominant flavours of the cinnamon and cloves. The whole flavour profile could be described simply as “stronger”. Compared to making mulled wine in the past, I would prefer the mulled wine of this, even though there were many shared ingredients.

We did end up adding a bit of honey to the mix, which did improve the flavour. Though the hippocras was strained, some of the finer particles still got through, sinking towards the bottom of the pot but still fine enough to be floating. Which meant that when I tasted it again, after the honey was mixed in, more of these spices showed up in the glass. At that point, I was really tasting the pepper a lot more, and the spice flavour in general was stronger.

I was not able to finish the glass.

When we were done for the evening, we poured the remains into a 1L pitcher to go into the fridge. There was more than a litre left, but the last little bit was so full of spice “dust” that we didn’t keep it.

It should be interesting to see what a difference in flavour there is when drinking it chilled.

One of my daughters didn’t like it at all, but that was more about drinking wine that was warmed. She had unadulterated wine from the second jug, instead.

I think I will find ways to include the wine in our cooking, to help go through it faster, so we can use the 3L jug we bought it for! 😀

Would I make this recipe again? Probably not, however we weren’t actually true to the original recipe, not having access to the more expensive, rarer spices. If we were able to get those spices, then yes, I’d definitely want to try it again.

Until then, I think we’d just stick with our usual mulled wine combination – without pepper!

The Re-Farmer

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