Progress: the sun room door is don… AAAAAAaaahhh!!!

This afternoon, with the help of a daughter, we hung the replacement door back up onto the newly painted frame.

We lined the hinges up with where they were before, except further in as far as we could go. Just to be on the safe side, my daughter held the door in place while I marked the holes for the screws, then I drilled pilot holes for just the top hinge. We screwed in the top hinge, then double checked the locations for the other pilot holes and re-marked accordingly.

As you can see in one of the photos, the entire frame looks like it’s pulling away from the wall! It was like this when we moved here, and the gap doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. At least not any more than anything else is! 😀

Also, we only had the old screws available, since none of the new screws we have were the right size, and there were only 6 of the same type. So each hinge is missing 1 screw! I still drilled the pilot holes, though, for when I pick some up.

Of course, as soon as we got the top and bottom hinges secure, we tested the door, just in case.



The door was hitting the frame again! It had to be forced closed!

We decided to finish hanging the door, though. Once it was in, I tested it again, which is when I noticed this…

The door latch was now higher than it was before.

Keep in mind that we did NOT raise the door when we put it back. The hinges were lined up with where it was hung previously. The only change was mounting them further in the frame than it was before. Apparently, that was enough for the door latch to be about half an inch higher than it was before!

Using where the blue paint marked the frame as a guide, I went back to trying to reduce the wood in those spots. I used the shaver, a chisel, a rasp, and even some of my coarsest sandpaper. For some of the tools, it was hard to get right into the corner. Time and again, I tested the door, and it still was hitting.

Finally, I started shaving wood off the door itself. That wood is so much softer than the frame, I could do in moments what took several minutes, and a variety of tools, to take off the same amount of material.

I took these photos when I figured I was done, but then went ahead and took off more material. Just in case!

I also gouged out more of the hole for the latch. After testing the door again and again, I finally put the latch plate back on.

That mark on the inside of the frame by the latch plate?

It turned out part of the door handle assembly – I just looked it up and now know it’s called a “rose” – hits it. So I used sandpaper to gouge out a recess there. That wood is also very soft compared to the frame pieces I’ve been fighting with!

The door now closes, easily and properly!

In fact, it’s probably the smoothest working door in the entire house right now!

I had one last thing to attach.

The stop chain!

I started screwing it in where there were pre-existing holes, but realized the bent part of the plate was extending beyond the wood, and the door would be hitting it. While moving it over, I noticed the plate for the chain on the inner door had only one screw holding it in place, so I fixed that, too.

Now, there is no chance the door will bang open too far. It doesn’t even hit the shelf behind it anymore, which means no risk it’ll hit the window. I can now move that shelf to the other side of the door, in front of the cracked window.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be touching up the paint that I scraped off, including the door; thankfully we still have some of that blue left.

Once I was done hanging the door, I just couldn’t help it.

I stood there, opening it and closing it again, and giggling to myself. 😀

I am easily entertained!

This door was so much more of a problem to replace than we could have imagined!

The Re-Farmer

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