A (furry) Morning Mystery

These guys are no mystery at all, of course…

These are my morning smiles!

If you notice strings hanging down from under the roof of the kibble house, I left those for the cats to play with, after tying down the tarp I put over it last night. 🙂

When I do my morning rounds, I don’t typically go all the way around the two old dog houses we’d set up near the outhouse as critter shelter last winter. The last time I went around them was when I took some of the straw to bury in what became our garlic beds. Some time between then and now, this showed up.

This is in front of the opening of the bigger dog house, facing away from the house.

That’s quite a lot of fur.

There is no skin attached to any of it. No sign of blood or bones. So this is not the remains of an animal that was killed and eaten.

Since I can’t really see into the old dog house, I turned the flash on on my phone’s camera, stuck it in the opening, and got this.

It looks like more fur, and even a pile of droppings in the corner near the opening.

If it were spring time, I would be thinking this is some animal shedding its winter fur. Usually, we just see tufts, but it’s possible an animal would use the sides of the opening to scratch off mats of itchy old fur.

But it’s not spring. So nothing is shedding their fur right now.

I don’t even recognize the fur to know what type of animal it is. Any animal I can think of is unlikely to be in our yard, and certainly not using the old dog house.

Well, at least I know that these old dog houses are still being used by critters for shelter!

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “A (furry) Morning Mystery

  1. Felosian Womcraft. Mostly active full moons, early winter. Eat cats. This must be a juvenile as you’ve not complained of missing pusscats. Hate spinach. Encircle the dog hutch with a ground-bound laurel of spinach leaves. Should send the booger packing. Lemme know. Bad enough infestation, I may cancel plans to relo to the snowbelt.

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  2. Well, at least you seem to have figured out you were getting your leg pulled, lol.

    Critters shed in the fall also as the winter coat comes in. Our cats are horrid in that regard. NO idea what that fur is though. It looks a little long to be deer, and you can usually ID deer by scent anyway. The color is about right though.

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    • Oh, I knew one leg was getting longer than the other. 😉

      I find tufts of deer fur in the yard, and it’s a very different texture. This fur is very soft, too.

      The quantity makes it very odd, too. For that much, I was fully expecting to see the remains of a partially eaten animal. But nope. Just those piles of fur!

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