In the pink

We are having some beautifully mild weather right now – the forecasts are still predicting we will hit a couple of degrees above freezing! (and I’m already seeing people “blame” it on climate change, as if we’ve never had warm Januaries before… *sigh*).

Our hard wired security camera is set to take a photo and email it to me when the motion sensor is triggered. With the infrared flash, that often means I wake up to a lot of pictures of precipitation. We had neither rain nor snow last night. Instead, this morning, I found a whole lot of very cloudy, out of focus pictures.

Yup. We had fog heavy enough to trigger the motion sensor last night!

I discovered something about the new trail cam. When the lens gets frosted over, we get this.

That is one heck of a pink! 😀

Even after the frost is brushed off the lens, there is a pink hue over everything.

The other cameras would go greyscale, or blue.

I find this unexpectedly cheering… and I don’t even like pink. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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