Another foggy day, and Canada Post sucks

My goodness, it’s even foggier today than it was yesterday!

This is how it looked in the old hay yard, beyond the barn.

It’s enough to make a collapsing old building look all pretty and artsy! πŸ˜€

From what I’ve been told, this old log building was a house. The family that owned this property before it was purchased by a relative of my fathers had built a couple of them, before they built the one that is now part of the house we’re living in.

Can you imagine being able to just up an build yourself a new house whenever the need arose? No permits, and just using what materials you had on hand?

Of course, they also had no electricity, running water, insulation or privacy. πŸ˜€

Or space. I don’t know how many kids they had, but that little log cabin probably housed at least 6 people, if they were typical of the era. Since they built slightly bigger cabins each time, I’d guess that reflected on increases in the household! πŸ˜€


When I came out to do the food and water for the outside cats, I found myself being watched.

What the camera isn’t showing is that there was fog visible around her! It was dense enough this morning, that I could actually feel it on my face as I walked around the yard. I haven’t felt that since I last lived on the coast!

This kitten is a shy one, unlike her brother, Nostrildamus. This morning, however, while she was definitely nervous, she would not leave the roof while I moved around. I think it was nice and warm on the toes! πŸ™‚

Her mother, on the other hand…

… seemed to quite enjoy rolling in the snow!


In other things…

This afternoon, my daughter and I have telephone doctor appointments, and I was thinking that I might go to the post office after that. The Mingle Masks I orders were supposed to be in by late yesterday. I checked the tracking number to see if it was in.


They are now saying to expect it on the 12th.

This is getting ridiculous. The post office got an electronic shipping notice on the 29th. They did not physically have the package yet, but two days later – on New Year’s Eve, no less – the package physically arrived from another province to the warehouse facilities in the city.

Since then, I’ve seen it listed as in transit with arrival dates of the 5th and the 7th.

Now, according to Canada Post, the parcel got processed just this morning.

In the city.

So how were they listing the package with these earlier expected delivery dates, when apparently they never even processed it yet?

How is it that Canada Post can get a package from one province to another in a couple of days during the holiday rush, but can’t get it from a warehouse in the city, to a post office just an hour out of the city? And now it’s going to be “in transit” for another 4 days?

They can’t blame catching up on the Christmas rush at this point!

Meanwhile, I still have two small orders of seeds from Baker Creek that got shipped before Christmas that have still not arrived. These are physically small enough that they would be regular mail, not parcels.

And no, we can’t blame the increase in the number of parcels because so many more people are ordering online while trapped at home, either. Canada Post was selectively efficient and inefficient, long before this.

The Re-Farmer

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