Mingling with fog

This morning was bright and sunny while I did my outside rounds, but it was fascinating to watch the fog roll in on the security camera live feed! It was like an approaching wall!

By the time my daughter and I headed out in the late morning, the highways had visibility of about a kilometer, sometimes less.

My daughter tried to get pictures for me after we left her doctor’s appointment. The camera clears it up quite a lot from what it actually was! At some points, visibility was down to maybe 200 yards. We kept driving in and out of banks of fog until we found ourselves driving in clear sunshine again – surrounded by trees thickly covered with frost!

After a quick side trip to town, we were still early enough to hit the post office before it closed. I checked tracking before we left, but my package wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow, but other packages were expected – and I’m still hoping for my last little orders of seeds to come in!

No luck on the seeds, but I had a surprise along with a package for my husband.

My Mingle Masks finally came in!

Too late to use while running errands, but that’s okay. At least they’re finally in. With 10 of them, I can keep a few in my mother’s car, a few in the van, and even have some I can give my mother. Some places won’t accept them, but those are the same places that don’t recognize medical exemptions to begin with, so that won’t change for me. 😦

We shall see if I find it any easier to breathe with these compared with the shield. At the very least, I won’t have anything bumping into my shoulders are chest as I move my head around.

While at the doctor’s for my daughter, she asked me to come in with her and he took the time to ask how I was doing, too. I’ve been using the inhaler he prescribed for only 2 days, and there’s been no change (he actually seemed surprised by that). Unfortunately, using the inhaler requires first exhaling as much as possible, then inhaling powder as quickly and deeply as possible, then holding the breath for 20 seconds.

Which is a recipe to trigger my chronic cough.

I was unable to hold my breath for 20 seconds, but I did manage almost 10 before my chest exploded into a cough. 😦 My trachea still feels irritated.

I’ve got another phone appointment booked after 2 weeks of use to follow up on it. The last time an inhaler was tried on me, I didn’t last that long, but my coughing fits were much, much worse back then.

We shall see!

The Re-Farmer

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