Cat on a … cold, snowy roof! Plus a trip to the vet

I spotted movement in an unexpected place while doing my rounds this morning, and just had to try for some photos!

Yes, that is a cat butt.

This old shed’s roof is falling apart, and it looked like she was trying to decide if she could jump down through one of the holes.

Wise kitty (known as Thickalous, I am told) has decided not to jump into the vast empty space below!

What a funny girl (or boy. We’re not sure).

After this, however, I saw something not funny at all. Butterscotch had followed me as I did my rounds, but when I came closer, she moved away from me.

Which is when I saw blood on her fur, inside her right hind leg.

She was also favoring the leg as she walked. She did allow me to pick her up, eventually, but would not let me look at the wound. I let the girls know and they went out together. Between the two of them, they were able to find a gash in her leg, about 2 inches long and gaping about half an inch. It was clean, however, and not bleeding.

I phoned the vet and explained the situation, including that this is an outdoor cat who does NOT want to be an indoor cat. She still doesn’t trust us, since we tried to bring her indoors while she was pregnant. Because of the size of the gash, we decided that – if we could get her into a cat carrier – we would bring her in and they would squeeze her treatment in between other appointments.

Thankfully, a dear friend gifted us with a hard sided cat carrier. Aside from leaving it out for a while so the inside cats could get used to it, this is the first time we have used it. Butterscotch would have clawed her way right out of our soft sided carriers!

The first thing was to find her. My daughter eventually found her sitting on one of the rotted pallets in the junk pile. She didn’t seem to to want to be there, but also didn’t want to jump down onto the snow! My daughter was able to get close enough to scoop her and carry her for a little bit. Butterscotch ended up in the kibble house, which made it easier for my daughter to bring the carrier close and get her in.

She was not happy about it, but we quickly got her into the car and headed out. She calmed down for the drive, but as soon as my daughter picked up the carrier to bring her into the clinic, she started trying to claw her way through a corner of the door.

They were able to give her a quick examination right away. The gash is just above her femoral artery, so they will suture it. Knowing that this is an outdoor cat, they will be giving her a slow release antibiotic that will work for 14 days.

The vet will give us a call when they are done and we can come pick her up.

Poor thing. We’ll see what they tell us when we pick her up, but we’re trying to think of some way to maybe keep her in the sun room for a few days. We can make a warm little den for her in there, and even use the spare ceramic terrarium bulb for warmth, if we have to, but will it work? When we turned the sun room into a maternity ward a couple of years ago, she hated it and tore through the screen on the door to get out. We’ve replaced that door and got the inner door to close properly, so she can’t do it again, but we know how determined she can be. She may be more likely to hurt herself trying to get out, than being out in the first place.

We’ll see what the vet suggests.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Cat on a … cold, snowy roof! Plus a trip to the vet

    • We were able to catch her and get her to a vet, yes!

      I am leaning towards her cutting herself on something, rather than it being an attack from another animal. There are just way too many things around for that to happen, unfortunately. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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