Stubborn kitty, and a milestone!

Once again, Butterscotch simply would NOT let me check her out. I barely even got to pet her, never mind check her wound!

I did manage to accidentally get a picture of a perfect snowflake on her ear, though!

Doesn’t she look so elegant and calm here?

The photo lies! 😀

The best I could get was a glance of her wound as she walked away from me, and I saw nothing out of the ordinary, so I hope that means everything is healing well. She doesn’t seem to be favoring the leg, except I think where the fur is shaved off is cold. I’ve seen her coming out of the shelf shelter we made, which has rigid insulation lining the empty bottom shelves, and more rigid insulation to block the wind and snow. She can sit in there and her bald spot will be nice and warm.

She does not go into the cat shelter. I don’t know where her hiding place is, but it is not in the inner yard. I think it’s somewhere in one of the collapsing sheds in the outer yard. :-/

Seeing two of her kittens peaking at me from between the kibble house and cat house was adorable.

I missed Nostrildamus going into the cat house; you can just barely see his tail tip through the strips of carpet. 🙂

Rolando Moon is such a loaf! She is quite prepared to drive away any kitties that dare come close!

In other things, this blog hit a milestone yesterday.

We reached 500 followers!

It was rather funny when I got the notification from WordPress. In the time it took me to actually look at it, the number had gone back down to 499. Then it jumped up over 500 by the end of the day and stayed there.

This is really amazing to me. One thing that always surprises me is that anyone is finding it in the first place! That anyone is actually interested in our crazy little corner of the world is greatly appreciated, and I’ve been getting to know some really amazing people in the process. You guys are awesome! 🙂

To all our new followers, thank you so much for joining us for the ride. Welcome! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Stubborn kitty, and a milestone!

    • I didn’t see the snowflake until I uploaded the picture! Lol. I love happy accidents like that!

      I usually use my phone camera, but it had terrible zoom. We have a Nikon D80 set up on a tripod in our living room, with a 700mm lens, overlooking our feeding station. It’s usually birds. The deer usually come when we are not there to see them. We get red squirrels, too. Plus, if course, cats looking for some take out!

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