Ginger baby update

Status update on the Ginger bug!

He was very happy to see me this morning. So happy, he flung himself onto the ground at my feet, rolling around so I could pet his belly!

Right. On. His. Injury.


He was moving around so much, it was hard to get pictures!

To refresh his water, I decided to quickly open the doors to outside and toss out the old water, he actually made a run for the door! This boy wants to go outside!

I’m sure his misses his brothers, Nutmeg and Creamsicle baby! But he will have his sister, Cabbages, and a whole lot of other cats to play with, when this is over.

This morning, I called the vet clinic to ask about having him fixed while he is with them tomorrow. The last thing we’re going to do is get him all patched up, then send him back outside where the coyotes and other predators can get him. She talked to one of the doctors who said that yes, they can, but first they will see how the amputation surgery goes since, obviously, that’s the priority. If that goes well, he’ll get a quick snip while he is still under.

We also talked about the financing.

Full disclosure and transparency, here.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, both through the Ko-fi fundraising, and direct donations, we have enough to cover the lower end of the estimate. Ko-fi works through PayPal, and I set up new accounts for both at the same time. The PayPal account is linked to completely separate bank account from our personal stuff. The down side is, PayPal takes several business days to transfer funds. Plus, they went and put the first donation we received on hold. Apparently, that’s a normal thing for them to do with new accounts, but it may be another 7 business days before the hold is removed. Only then can it be transferred, which can take several more days.

So we will also be looking into the third party financing option. We may not need it if the total is on the low end of the estimate, but if it’s on the high end, we will.

With that in mind, if you do wish to support Ginger Snap’s surgery, you can do so by buying him a coffee (donations can be as low as $1 Canadian), sharing or reblogging this post, or the Ko-fi fundraising page.

Many thanks!

The Re-Farmer

Update: Well, I tried to go through the pre-approval process with the third party financing. It didn’t work! I got stuck right at the beginning, with our address. It seems we don’t exist. Their system couldn’t even accept our little hamlet, never mind our box number or our physical address. I wasn’t even getting any error messages. It just kept looping back to the address input area.

I called the clinic to let them know it wasn’t going to happen. It turns out, we’re not the only clients they’ve had, who have had this problem.

This was just in case things did not go well and the bill ended up on the high end of the estimate. They are aware of the situation, and have been really awesome about it. In fact, they’ve been pretty awesome, all around!

Ginger will be in good hands.

5 thoughts on “Ginger baby update

  1. Well, hell, paypal… in the future I’ll donate $10… the follow with real donation!! Noted.

    I’m glad you got enough to cover the low end! When I crowdsourced for cat spay/neuter, I also kept the $$ separate. I had no money for myself and didn’t want to be tempted to misuse the funds.

    Sending more good juju for the surgery and recovery!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll second that and say I feel worlds better knowing that you at least have the minimum covered Much less chance of the Vet’s office getting an attitude about doing the work. Even if you can’t access it immediately, at least they know it’s there, and heading their way.

      Equally important, you won’t be in a huge hole over this. Covering any remainder and that new tire will be enough of a burden as it is.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thankfully, we have the garden soil money as a buffer we can dip into as a buffer, until the transfers are complete. If we had to use that up, and not get the soil, we’d have to shelve most of our garden plans, and that’s supposed to help feed us for the winter!


    • Thank you!

      We’ve been on the phone with the vet a lot today, and they just bumped the drop off time to 8am, instead of 8:15.

      And keeping a separate account is something we found very handy, but it also is really important for us, because of the potential risk to my husband’s disability income. It all has to be kept completely apart as gifts/donations, so it won’t be mistaken as income.


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