Clean up: Baby chainsaw, out again!

I was very happy to see the battery charged up fast enough that I could use it again tonight. I quickly trimmed the poles I’d left earlier and moved them out, then got started. Both my daughters were able to join me this time, so I got to focus on cutting and trimming, while they cleared away the trimmed branches and hauled away the poles.

Here is the before and after.

I was also able to take out some of the smaller dead trees, though one had to be cut pretty high up, where the 4 inch bar could get through. Another didn’t even need cutting; once I’d cleared around it, I could just push it over!

After about half an hour of almost continual cutting, the battery started to die. I probably could have gotten a few more cuts out of it, but I helped the girls finish cleaning up, instead.

This is a very good start in materials to build with!

We then spent some time talking about what sort of trellises and arches to build (though I suppose “pergola” would be the word to use) and walking through the garden area to think about how we want to work things out. The strongest, heaviest poles will be used to support the winter squash, and for those, we were thinking of some sort of A frame tall enough for us to walk under.

Which, I admit, doesn’t have to be that tall. 😉

Then we wandered around, looking at where we planted the bulbs and corms last fall. We have no idea if they survived the deep freeze we had last month. My bigger concern is how dry everything is. You’re not supposed to have to water these. Especially the tulips. But we’ve had so little snow this past winter! We’re supposed to get a little big of snow on Friday or Saturday, but even if it reaches us here, the amount of precipitation expected would be pretty negligible. It’s not unusual to have one last blizzard in April, which would actually be very beneficial, as far as precipitation goes. I’d rather have snow right now, instead of rain, as the ground it still so frozen, rain would wash away to the ditches, rather than watering the soil.

But I digress.

It was so great to finally get outside and start doing yard work! I was really missing it. 🙂 And our new baby chainsaw is turning out to be an awesome tool!

The Re-Farmer

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