Trail cam surprises

Every now and then, when I’m checking the files from the trail cameras, I see some interesting things. Like this.

I actually recognize both the truck and the trap, having seen them at the dump a while ago. That’s a bear trap.

At the dump, I can understand, but I do wonder why one would be needed here! Yes, I’ve seen black bears around (not this year, yet), but it’s unusual for them to become a problem outside of places like landfills.

I like this image better.

It’s uncommon to actually catch the deer in the trail cams, where they are now. They usually jump the fences on the other side of the cameras. They don’t like to jump the gate at all. This deer went through the fence, slipping through the two bottom stands of barbed wire on the left, where it gets dark. There’s a low area there to drain run off to the ditch.

In the next few files, I could see another deer, crossing the driveway on the far side of the gate, to join this one. It was barely visible in the infrared flash, though.

Our plans include putting a little person gate where the wheel is, and replacing the barbed wire with boards or poles. I’ve unplugged the lights, because so many of the bulbs are out, and entire strings are dead. When we have the barbed wire replaced, I want to mount new strings of lights underneath, where they will be better protected from the elements, and last longer. Yes, they are outdoor lights, but I can see rust on them, next to burnt out bulbs. :-/

If the deer won’t jump the gate and prefer to slip through the barbed wire, I wonder how they will handle it when we get around to replacing the barbed wire?

The Re-Farmer

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