A bit of snow, and a bit of a disaster (averted)

It started to snow lightly last night, and is still snowing now!

Nutmeg, Creamsicle Jr. and their mom, Butterscotch

From what I can see on the weather radar, the heavier snow passed just south of us, and we will continue to have snow for at least a few more hours.

Which makes me extra happy to have gotten the clean up in the trees done, yesterday. It looked so good, as I walked by while doing my morning rounds! It’s going to look so much better, when it’s finally done. šŸ™‚

A nice, light snowfall and a slow melt is just what we need right now. The temperatures are hovering around freezing, and we’ll be getting just a touch warmer. That moisture should stay in the ground, where we need it.

In other things, we had a cat disaster this morning.

A crashing noise in my husband’s room had us running. (Well… hobbling. None of us can run anymore. LOL) He has an extra comforter on the top of his wardrobe, near a window, that the cats love to hang out on. Somehow, that had gotten knocked off.

That was not the disaster.

The disaster was it hitting my husband’s incense bowl on the way down, knocking it over his computer, filling it with fine sand and ashes. And everything else in the area, of course, but the computer was the only thing at risk.

My husband spent the last couple of hours, carefully dismantling the computer, blowing out all the sand and dust, then putting it back together again.

Just moments ago, he let me know that it is working again.


Disaster averted, I guess!

He’s not too happy with the cats right now. It’s not the first time they knocked the bowl down. At least last time, it was just a mess to clean up, though the handle on the lid did break. It’s a small, hand thrown pottery bowl I got from a very skilled and talented potter in the city we moved away from, so it’s not something that can be easily replaced. šŸ˜¦

Ah, well. We’ll deal!

The Re-Farmer

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