Ginger snap update: it’s cuddle time!

Yesterday evening, I decided to try and introduce one of the inside cats to Ginger. I chose our mama cat, who moved out here with us, as she has been so incredibly maternal with all the new additions.

Well… that didn’t quite work out. She’s never been in the sun room before. At least not for more than a couple of moments, a year or two ago. So she was pretty nervous and more interested in exploring the room.

Ginger, however, was missing.

I couldn’t find him anywhere!

Eventually, I heard a little mew and he emerged from behind a storage bin.

Without his surgical shirt.

I’m not happy that he squeezed back there. We very deliberately put stuff in front of the window, because the inner pane had cracked last winter. This winter, it cracked even more, and pieces of glass have started to fall off. We can’t do anything about it until things are warm and dry enough that we can empty the sun room.

(Also, I now think that the large windows in the barn are more of what was used to build the sun room.)

I suspect he squeezed into there in his efforts to get the surgical shirt off. We still haven’t found it, so it’s likely somewhere in the corner, behind all the stuff we shoved in to keep cats out of there. :-/

As for the new cat in the room, Ginger was utterly indifferent to her.

When I picked him up, he at first tried to burrow his face into my elbow, but then realized I wasn’t going to try and give him any medication, so he settled right in and started purring. Loudly!

I sat with him in my arms like this for way too long! My husband even came by to rescue the mama cat, who wanted back into the house, and bring me my phone. It was 10C/50F in the sun room, which is fine for a bit, but gets pretty chilly after a while! When I finally had to go back in, I put him under the heat bulb, and he settled right back down again. πŸ™‚

I’m glad we had that extra heat bulb. This morning, it was -8C/18F outside, with a wind chill of -18C/0F. It was much warmer in the sun room, of course, but that heat bulb over his little nest is making a big difference.

He was quite happy to see me in the morning – though not so happy when my daughter and I gave him his medications! Once we were done, though, he settled into her arms, and she was the one stuck on the bench, being cuddled, this time! πŸ˜€

Ginger was one of the friendlier of the outside cats. He let us pet him more often than his brother, Nutmeg, who would let us pet him one in a while. (His brother, Creamsicle Jr. won’t come near us.) We could sometimes pick up Ginger, but that was pretty rare, and he wouldn’t stay up for long. So for him to actively burrow into our arms for cuddles is a HUGE difference from before his injury!

I think he will adapt to the indoor life pretty well.

Adapting to all the other cats… that might take a bit more time!


The Re-Farmer

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