A Ginger warmer!

After a very frustrating morning (which I will write about later) I was cheered by the wonderful and kind gift for Ginger that arrived in the mail today, from a very awesome friend.

It was a Ginger warmer!

It’s “Great for you provides safe warming comfort zone!”

Love it!

And it’s cover is soooo soft!

Of course, we had to bring it to Ginger, right away!

He was in what seems to be his favorite spot, draped over a bar under the heater bulb.

He had zero interest in moving out of that spot! Not even for scritches. He just lolled about, luxuriating over that bar under the blanket. It’s part of the greenhouse frame we’re using to hold the ceramic heat bulb in place.

I wonder if the bar provides some sort of relief? I recall one of the things my husband was put on during physiotherapy was a long padded bar he was supposed to keep lined up with his spine while lying on it. It did help. Considering how often we find him (meaning Ginger, not my husband) draped over it like this, I suspect it does provide some sort of comfort.

The new heat pad was set to its second lowest heat setting, for 90 minutes. We’ll keep an eye through the bathroom window to see how he responds to it. The good thing is, since the cat’s house outside is not plugged in through the sun room, we have a spare plug, and can use both this and the bulb heater at the same time.

A thought occurred to me as I was looking at his wound and, in particular, at the discoloration. It might not be a discoloration at all. His fur is starting to grow back. It’s more likely a stripe of darker orange fur!

He’s such a sweet boy. I’m so thankful that he’s doing so well.

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “A Ginger warmer!

  1. Yep, that looks like fur growing back. Keep a close eye on the stitches though. Way back when my ex and I had a cat fixed and her stitches got all infected. We had to rush her to another vet for treatment.

    He looks to be doing pretty well though. 🙂

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