Ginger roll

Ginger wasn’t sure if he was happy to see me this morning.

Until I refilled his food and water bowls. πŸ˜‰

Then he was just rolling around, luxuriously. While giving me death glares! πŸ˜€

At least it gave me a chance to look at his surgical site. There’s still a touch of pink in the areas that had looked irritated before, but they are improving. The few times we’ve seen him start to scratch himself, he stops right away. As if he started to scratch a normal itch, but stopped when he scratched the tender areas instead. That has been a relief.

After topping up his food and water, I took care of the outside critter feeding. I’d mostly closed the inner door into the sun room while going out to the kibble house, but got a surprise when I opened the outer door to return to the sun room. The little bugger had squeezed his way in between the doors and almost escaped! It took some quick foot work to block him from running outside. He wants to join his brothers! After his attempt was foiled, he settled for sitting at the window and watching until I was done and could stay with him for a bit. He was hesitant to let me pick him up, since that usually means we’d soon be trying to shove a pill into his mouth, but he did let me, and we sat for a while with him in half in my coat for cuddles. There are no more morning medications for him now, so it was just uninterrupted cuddle time! πŸ™‚

Four more days until it’s back to the vet and the sutures are removed!

The Re-Farmer

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