Ginger baby update – a bit late!

Well, I certainly got distracted today. For some reason, I thought I’d already written this post this morning! While fiddling with the computer to try and see things on my monitor without the magenta and neon green all over the place, I found I hadn’t even uploaded the photos!

So, here is today’s very late update on Ginger!

It was a cold night last night, but he was toasty and warm in his favourite spot!

The outside cats were very happy to have their very empty bowls refilled!

And for the warm water.

It was -15C/5F at the time I headed out, with a wind chill in the -20sC-4F. It had gotten cold enough that even Ginger’s water bowl started to get a bit slushy, being as far away from the heater bulb as it is.

By the time I finished taking care of the outside critters, he was out of his warm spot and allowed me to pick him up for cuddles today. This time, I remembered to unzip my parka a bit before picking him up…

… which allowed me to tuck him half into my coat while we sat and cuddled. πŸ™‚

I think he liked that!

We stayed like this for about half an hour, before my daughter came with the last of his morning pills. He’ll only have a single evening pill for a while longer. We’ll know how much longer, after he sees the vet to get the sutures removed on Monday.

Ginger may have been toasty warm, but after sitting in the sun room at 0C/32F for so long, I was the one starting to get pretty chilled! So we tucked him back into his warm bed, and I quickly finished my outside rounds before making a quick trip into town to get water refills, and the last few things needed for our Easter basket. The day warmed up quite a bit, and when I checked the sun room in the afternoon, it was almost 20C/68F! What a difference! We’re going to stay warm from now one, so we’ll have to make sure things don’t over heat for him in there, during the day.

Less than a week, and we should be able to bring him in to join the other kitties. πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Ginger baby update – a bit late!

    • Yup. Tried it. My husband fiddled with some of the settings to see if that would work, too. It didn’t. LOL It’s most definitely getting worse by the day, while still being very inconsistent! I hope the replacement doesn’t get delayed in the mail, like so many other things my family ordered weeks ago!


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