Easter Ginger

Happy Easter!

Ginger was very active and playful this morning.

Usually, I leave the doors to the sun room open while I feed the critters, and the outside cats are free to go in and out for a while. They seem perplexed that they can’t do that right now. Ginger, meanwhile, wanted to play with the cat on the other side of the door! I could hear scratching from the outside, so they were trying to play, too.

Ginger had to settle for me playing with him, instead. 🙂

One more day, then he gets his stitches out and, unless the vet says otherwise, he’ll be joining the inside cats. 🙂

That discolored patch turned out to not be a smear, nor a stripe of darker orange fur. It’s starting to peel away! It may actually be some damaged skin that’s coming off as his fur grows in. Weird.

The little irritated bits between some sutures no longer look irritated.

I think he will be very happy to have those stitches out!

Oh! I just have to share this photo of something I spotted while feeding the critters.

In a small patch of open soil, I found a hoof print.

That’s a deer print. The concrete block is part of the sidewalk in front of the main entry steps.

We had deer come right up to the door last night!

The Re-Farmer

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