Ginger: mighty hunter!

It’s a lot hard to get pictures of Ginger, now that he’s joined the inside clan!

I was able to get this one, last night.

The other cats had been lured away, leaving Ginger and his new mouse on my very, very hairy bed.

He loves that mouse! I didn’t realize when I bought it, that it has a pull string to make it vibrate. 😀

Once again, we kept the other cats closed out overnight, to avoid any potential hassles while we were asleep.

Ginger has discovered the comfort of those things the crazy humans sleep on. 😀 Several times, I woke in the night to find him cuddled up against me. He can jump up onto the bed himself, which is good. Later this morning, I found him going to explore in the basement, so stairs aren’t a problem for him, either.

I almost got to pet his brother and aunt this morning, but they were much more interested in the kibble!

His other brother photo bombed me, while I was trying to get a picture of his cousin! I am so tickled that I caught him while airborne! 😀

I’m happy to say that all the kitties seem to be doing quite well. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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