It’s crowded out there!

I found quite a surprise at our gate when I checked the trail cam files!

Four deer, hanging out on the driveway and road! They stayed there long enough that I found about a dozen files (stills and video) of them!

Looking at the time stamps, they came to the driveway after visiting the house.

They weren’t very nice to each other!

One of them stayed in the trees and never came to the feeding station. What I found interesting as I watched it, is that it completely avoided the area closer to the feeding station and went around to the side.

The area I cleaned up recently.

They definitely prefer to go through the cleaned up areas in or under the trees, rather than out in the open.

This next image from the trail cam isn’t very good, but it is dramatic!

I almost didn’t see it at first!

In the next few files, I could see that there were actually two deer out there, just on the edge of the infrared flash.

Very cool!

Also very cool was having Rolando Moon show up yesterday, and still being here this morning when I went out to feed the outside kitties. It almost gives me hope that Nostrildamus and Potato Beetle might still show up again, though I realize the chances of that are very low.

Their food bowls were completely empty again – even the heated water bowl was completely dry – which suggests the skunks came to visit, too.

It gets pretty busy with critters out there! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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