The Adventures of Ginger

Yesterday, Ginger discovered the joys of bedding being changed!

The cats tend to react two ways when the sheets get changed. About half the cats see what’s happening, and are all “YAY!!! IT’s party time!” and promptly make it very, very difficult to make the bed.

The others go into a panic and run away like the world is coming to an end.

Ginger, it turns out, is the party type.

There turned out to be three cats in this picture. 😀

Time to cover the freshly washed blanket in fur again!

Time to defend territory!

No worries about Beep Beep. Every now and then, she gets in a bad mood and goes after whatever cat happens to be nearby. Ginger handles himself just fine!

I should put the freshly washed blanket into the shelf, but I’ve discovered the cats love a folded up blanket on the corner of the bed, as a bed of their own. Ginger is no exception!

We’ve been closing the other cats out of this room at night, just so Ginger can get a break from the crowd and get some sleep on the good spots. 😉 The other cats are not happy with this. As I write this, there are currently 7 cats sprawled all over my bed! 😀 As soon as I open the door in the morning, they all rush right in. Next thing I know, my bed is covered, they’re circling Ginger’s food and water bowls as if they didn’t have oodles of them elsewhere in the house, and take their turns using his litter box – also as if there weren’t several others on different floors available for them! LOL

As promised, here is a picture of David for Leenda. 🙂

David is just as hefty as is brother, Keith, but looks like he should be all light and fluffy.

Well. He is fluffy… 😉

Also, he has pants. Thick, fluffy pants. When he walks by, his tail is like a huge banner with wiggling pants below.

Which is a much better view than what all the short haired cats insist on giving us, every chance they get! 😀

Well now! I was hearing the sounds of a cat playing behind me as I wrote this, so I took a look. It’s Ginger, running around and batting a cat toy around! Yes, he’s found a way to run and bat at a toy with his one front leg, at the same time!

He has adapted so well, so quickly. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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