Morning kitties… and more, somewhere

Mornings can be difficult with so many cats in the house.

Cats that like to sleep across my legs or braced against my back, then don’t want to move when I try to roll over!

Ginger has become one of those cats. The problem is, he likes to lean against me on the outside of the bed. Then, because he refuses to move when I roll over, he ended up falling off the bed!

Silly thing.

His big sister, Nicco, is also a silly kitty. 😀

Cousin Susan, however, can be a mean bugger! She’s one of several that, for some reason, tend to go after Nicco. 😦

It’s been interesting to see how Ginger’s fur is growing back. One of the scars is now the demarcation line between the white fur on his chest, and the orange fur on his shoulder. The orange seems to be growing in much darker than the rest of his fur, though. We are curious to see if he’s going to have a dark patch on his shoulder.

Ginger is now, I believe, a big brother.

When I came out to feed the outside cats, Butterscotch was waiting at the door for me, looking considerably less round.

I can’t tell with the other cats. They all look thicksome at the best of times. I’m just going to assume the females are pregnant. We still are sure if Ghost Baby is male or female. No sign of Junk Pile today. If she were also pregnant, it’s entirely possible she’s busing having kittens right now. They tend to all give birth within days of each other.

I even saw a skunk this afternoon. I was working in the sun room when I heard what sounded like a bird hitting the window. I went outside to check and startled a skunk away from the kibble house. They don’t usually come out during the day like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a hungry mama, taking a chance.

Today was a planting day, but things didn’t turn out as expected (does anything ever turn out as expected?? LOL). More to come in my next posts! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Morning kitties… and more, somewhere

  1. We have one mom who just moved her kittens somewhere around mom’s house. But they look to be around five weeks old. One of the not so strays has been missing all day, I have no doubt that she may be delivering somewhere. Its going to et interesting, or should I say more interesting?

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    • They do like to move those babies around!!

      Five weeks already? I don’t know that we’ve ever had kittens born that early! At least not for the outdoor cats. Too cold for them to go into heat for that timeline!


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