Early birthday gifts, and working on the kibble house

Today, we were able to make an unexpected trip to do some shopping, thanks to my husband’s disability payment coming in early. Top of the list was to replace our broken vacuum cleaner! 😀

Of course, with making a trip to the city, even if it’s the smaller, closer one, we were going to take advantage of it and get other things we need.

I’m happy to say that we not only found a new vacuum – marketed as being particularly good for pet hair – we happened to catch a sale and got it at half the price I’d budgeted for!

We were also able to pick up more mesh for the squash tunnel. They didn’t have the same type we’d used before in stock, so we got more chicken wire. I don’t think the squash and melons care what shape the mesh they’re climbing is. 😉

Another one of the things I really needed to get was a new pair of work shoes. Not only have I worn my old ones out to the point they’re falling apart, but the cats have discovered how to take the insoles out and have been tearing them apart!

Considering the sorts of things I’ve been doing for the past while, I also wanted to get steel toed shoes.

Much to may amazement, the very first pair that I tried on was perfect! I’d actually looked at casual shoes first – in the men’s section, because women’s shoes don’t fit my feet – hoping to get a pair of slip ons. I normally get a men’s size 9, triple wide, but I couldn’t find any wide ones. I couldn’t even get my toes into a size 11! So I wasn’t holding out much hope with the work shoes. Particularly since none of the boxes were marked as wide. So getting it right on the very first pair, and for them to be so incredibly comfortable, was like Christmas!

Then when we went to pay for our stuff, my daughter stole the box and bought them for me for my birthday. 😀

No, it’s not my birthday. It’s not even my birth month, yet. But that’s how we do things. 😀

I also got myself an early birthday present.

A 10′ x 10′ canopy tent, to replace the one that broke last year. That one was so handy when we were painting the picnic table, and didn’t have to worry about it getting rained on or whatever, I really wanted to get another. It’s just a Walmart cheapie, but we’ve had a couple of them in the past, leaving them behind when we moved. According to the box, they’ve improved the design, and added a feature to make it easier to set up with just one person.

This evening, I set it up.

And promptly discovered a problem with one of the new features.

This handle in the middle is made so that, once you have the canopy on and the legs set to the height you want, all you need to do is push up on it and it will open fully and lock in place.

Have I mentioned that I’m short?

I’m not THAT short, but still…

I had the legs at the lowest level, yet when I pushed up on the handle, I couldn’t get it far enough to lock in place. Not only that, but the entire tent would start lifting, instead! 😀 I did eventually get it, of course, but I had to jump to do it.

I suspect this was designed with the average height male in mind! 😀

But I got it, and that’s the important part!

Which means we can now paint the kibble house. 🙂

There is plenty of space for it! 🙂

Nutmeg seems distressed that the floor is gone! 😀

You can see part of the floor in the background.

The two sections of the floor boards got a thorough scrubbing to take off many months of muddy paw prints! 😀

The rest of the kibble house got scrubbed inside and out, including the muddy bottoms of the legs.

Once it’s dry, it’ll be ready for painting.

By the end of the day, my new shoes got a pretty decent workout!

I’m really glad to have gotten the steel toed shoes. Very handy, just in case I almost, *ahem* sort of, just about, *cough* maybe, could have dropped a kibble house on them.


I caught it in time.


The Re-Farmer

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