Layendecker, destroy of chairs

Yay! WordPress is finally loading for me – including the editor.

I hereby celebrate by sharing a photo of this disgusting creature. (I kid, of course.)

In my butt spot, as usual. What a beast! He will sometimes lie there, on his back, and start clawing at the chair like it’s the scratching post he’s too sluggish to walk over to.

The poor cats. Inside and out! It’s 32C/90F with a humidex of 36C/97F right now, and it’s almost 7:30pm as I write this. While we can make sure the outside cats have lots of water, and the frozen water bottles to help keep things cool, there isn’t much else we can do to help them.

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Layendecker, destroy of chairs

    • We’re pretty amazed at how big he grew up to be! He’s even bigger than Big Rig, his sister, who was named that because she was the biggest of all the kittens. His sisters, the Spice Girls, are absolutely tiny. The differences in one litter are pretty extreme!!

      Thankfully, as hot as we are, we haven’t gotten as hot as to the west of us. They were hitting 47C/117F !!!! I’m quite okay with “just” 36C/97F!

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