Our 2021 garden: time for a hair cut!

It was a rough night for me, last night. Very little sleep, and the pain levels are just high enough to make any position uncomfortable after only a short time. Thankfully, my husband was well enough this morning to head out do all the food bowls for the cats, and refill the bird feeder, allowing me to postpone the rest of my morning rounds until later in the day.

Once I did get out, the first thing I noticed was the haze. I know we don’t have fires nearby, but we’re getting smoke. I’ll have to check the fire maps later, and see what the current status is.

The other thing I noticed was Junk Pile cat. Who looked at me and growled.

Now, why would she do that?

Because she had brought her kittens over, and they were around the cat shelter! I saw some furry little butts disappearing behind it, so I carefully went around, giving them lots of space, to check on the potatoes and grapes. I saw a little grey and white kitten run across to the storage out, while a little tuxedo squeezed under the cat shelter.

A tuxedo?

Yup. She had more kittens with her this time! There were at least three, possibly four. I was just catching glimpses of them, though later on I saw the tuxedo under a tree by the storage house, watching me from a safe distance.

I am so glad she’s bringing her babies over to the food bowls!! Hopefully, they will be moving into the inner yard now.

Before finishing my morning rounds, I got the hose going to refill the water barrel at the far beds. Unfortunately, it is still leaking. I’ll have to pinpoint exactly where, then empty it enough that it can dry and I can try sealing them again.

Once everything else was done, I came back outside to give the onions a hair cut. ๐Ÿ˜€

It was on one of the gardening groups I’m on that I saw someone post pictures of the green onions they had just harvested and bagged up for the freezer. I know it’s recommended to trim onions grown from seed, down to about 3 inches, before transplanting. I hadn’t thought about trimming them, other than to gather greens for the day’s cooking, before harvest. The gardener that posted the pictures said that trimming them meant more energy going towards growing the bulbs. If the greens start falling over, the onions stop growing for the season. I knew that last part, but it never occurred to me that the growing season could be extended by trimming. I’ve never grown onions before, and the onions my mother grew were left in the ground to come back, year after year, so I never saw her doing that, either.

The yellow onions sets that I bought locally got really large greens. I quickly ran out of space in my colander, and had to come back to do the bigger shallots, then the other onion bed. The red onions (from sets) and the other yellow onions (from seed) did not have as many large greens, but the colander still got pretty full again! All the greens completely filled our giant metal bowl. Thankfully, it has a lid, because the cats were VERY curious! It’s full enough that the lid is sitting on top of greens, but at least that cats can’t get at them. Onions are toxic to cats, but that doesn’t stop them from being very curious about them!

We’ll have a lot of washing of greens to do, and then they’ll be coarsely chopped. We will probably dehydrate a couple of pans of them in the oven, and the rest will get frozen.

We’re going to have enough to last us quite a long time! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Our 2021 garden: time for a hair cut!

      • I tried that, I’m thinking I didn’t leave it in the oven long enough. I was trying cherry tomatoes and I think I got close, just not quite there. Once I harvest enough to try again, I will let it go longer.

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      • Hhmm. The only thing I have dehydrated that was thicker and had such a high moisture content is beef jerky that was marinated, first. Usually, we warm the oven to the lowest setting, then turn it off, leaving the light on for its own heat. With the jerky, we left it on lowest temp (150F, on the oven we had at the time), overnight. I turned them once, during the night. I imagine something as juicy as tomatoes would certainly take at least that long.

        If you get a chance to try again, I would love to hear how it turned out!

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      • I was trying to go by instructions I had found online using cherry tomatoes. It wasn’t a full waste as the tomatoes were still good and sweet like the instructions said. So yes, I’ll try again and I’ll let you know.

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