Our 2021 garden: first garlic

I’ve been eying one of our garlic beds closely for some time now.

This bed has the Purple Stripe garlic. Most of them started dying back a while ago, which was very strange. It seemed very early for them to be doing that. Especially since some of them were still growing scapes. I’ve been reading as much as I can, and everything tells me that once, with so many of their leaves died back, the bulbs are done growing. When even the scapes seemed to have stopped growing, I decided it was time to dig them up.

But just the ones that had died back.

I left behind the ones that were still green. Hopefully, their bulbs will continue to grow bigger.

It’s normally recommended to leave them on the ground to cure, but we have too many critters of various kinds that could get into them, even if they aren’t likely to eat them, so I laid them out next to the kibble house under the tent.

As you can see, most of them are very small. There’s only one or two larger ones. I wish I knew why they stopped growing so early. They had the same soil, sun and water as the other two varieties. No matter. While we won’t have anything to keep for planting in the fall, I’m sure they will still taste good!

Also, when I came over to set these out, Rosencrantz’s grey and white kitten was at the kibble house. It wasn’t until I started setting out the garlic that he took off. Last night, I topped up their kibble dish near their junk pile home. When I came back to top up their water, Rozencrantz and both of her kittens were eating. She and the orange tabby left, but the grey and white stayed and kept eating, even as it watched me closely while I refilled their water bowl next to him. Progress! Junk Pile’s four kittens have also been spotted in the kibble house, eating, too. We’ve decided not to give it another coat of paint, but might do some decorative painting on the outside, so the floor boards have been put back in place, and their food bowls are now in the shade of the kibble house, instead of on the baked lawn. Junk Pile’s kittens dash off as soon as they see us, but the fact that they are coming to the kibble house to eat at all is more progress.

I’m glad I picked up this tent. It’s coming in handy for painting, for critter shelter, and now garlic curing, already! 😀

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Our 2021 garden: first garlic

  1. This morning my son caught one of the younger kittens. They were all trying to go through the opening under the house at the same time and no, that didn’t work. That poor baby was terrified at first doing its best to escape, but actually calmed down fairly quickly allowing the rubbing between the ears. We only held it a moment before placing it back on the ground. A little while ago I stepped outside and managed to catch a different baby. No fighting, no attempts at scratching, no screaming. It lay in my hand and just waited me out. I held it longer due to its calm reactions. But when I set it down, I saw just how quickly it can move.

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  2. I’m not too familiar with Purple Stripe Garlic, so this is hazarding a semi-educated guess…

    The garlic bulbs do look a little small, perhaps the heat got to some of them more than others? Is the part that’s still green in the shade more, particularly during the heat of the day? Not sure if more water would offset that. Our flowers are dying right and left despite all the rain we’re getting.

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