Flowers and friend

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of our current heat wave.

Of course, forecasts remain all over the place.

We’re going to hit 34C/93F but it will feel like 40C/104F

No, we’re going to hit 37C/99F and it will feel like 37C/99F.

We’re going to get thunderstorms today.

No, tomorrow.

No, the evening of the day after and into the following morning.

No, we’re going to get thunderstorms today – but only a 60% chance, with less about 5mm of rain.

We’ll see what actually happens! As I write this, we are at 30C/86F, and there’s enough wind to make it rather pleasant in the shade. While I was doing my rounds this morning, it was a very comfortable 17C/63F.

One of the few non-garden areas we’ve been giving at least some watering has been the spirea next to the storage house – the one area we are allowing the spirea to grow – and the grape vines (there are only a couple of clusters on the vine this year). More specifically, right at the corner of the house, where these flowers are growing.

When we first saw these flowers, it was a real surprise, because the plants were completely buried by the spirea. Since then, we’ve been cleaning up the spirea, taking out the dead bits and keeping it under control, but it still hid the plant and we wouldn’t see anything of it until the flower spikes shot up.

This spring, with the warm May we had, the spirea had been leafing out and starting to show flower spikes. Then that -8C/18F night hit and killed off the flower buds and damaged the youngest leaves. So the spirea is a lot thinner this year, even with our watering. Which means, for the first time, we could actually see the plant this flower is from, and it has grown much larger. You can tell by the flowers, though, that even with watering, the heat is getting to it. The flowers are smaller and shriveled looking compared to how it usually blooms, even when buried by spirea.

The spirea, meanwhile, has recovered to the point that it is starting to bud again. This will make the pollinators quite happy!

We have more poppies blooming this morning, too. About 4 of them were open, or partly open. I gave the old kitchen garden a bit of a watering this morning, too, making for some very photogenic flowers. 🙂

Yesterday evening, after the girls were done watering the garden beds, I filled the rain barrel at the house, so that we would can water the old kitchen garden with a watering can, while the hose is running. I don’t expect to get any rain to actually fill the barrel. :-/

While at the barrel, I saw something scuttle across the two kohlrabi plants in the carrot bed that are covered with netting. It turned out to be this little friend.

That’s the downside of using floating row covers to protect our plants. The frogs have a harder time getting under the cool leaves. The netting isn’t stopping the flying insects from getting under them; they just cant’ figure out how to get out again. Which should be a big foggy buffet, if the could just find the edges that they can crawl under! 😀

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Flowers and friend

  1. Poor froggy; blocked from dinner. 😀

    Funny, I saw flowers today that looked ALOT like your poppies; exact same coloration. BUT these things were HUGE. The flowers were nearly the size of pie plates.

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