Morning kittens

Butterscotch’s babies were extremely active in the cool of the morning. 🙂

It took them stopping for a nursing break before I could get pictures!

I didn’t want to disturb them, so I used the zoom on my phone’s camera, which takes the worse pictures. 😦

I still ended up disturbing them. Ah well.

Earlier, I noticed a couple of the kittens playing around under the bird feeder (the flowers under there are totally mashed!). Something seemed odd about their actions, though, so I went and checked. It turned out they were “playing” with a chipmunk. 😦 It was still very much alive and the kittens were… well… being cats about it. I shooed them away and the chipmunk just sort of set itself into a defensive stance and stayed there. When I found it let me touch it, I picked it up and carried it to the pile of maple logs near the garden shed, so it had a place to rest and recover. It was bleeding, but I don’t think it was mortally wounded. Hopefully, it will be okay.

Later I found Bradicus just going nuts in this tree! 😀 Chadicus is at the bottom of the tree, and Caramel is in the foreground.

Broccoli, meanwhile, was busy hunting grasshoppers in the grass. 😀

I want.

To boop.

That nose!!!!

The Re-Farmer

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