So exciting!

I’ve just got to share this, first thing!

Yesterday, it started to rain. Off and on, all day, we got real, solid rain.

During a break in the rain, I went out to check the newly dug out old gravel pit.

I had heard the sound of heavy equipment earlier, and found that the pit had been dug a bit deeper.

Some of the big rocks in there were definitely not helping! One I’d noticed earlier was completely shattered, while others had big scrapes on them, or were shifted slightly, but would not move. That’s the sort of thing that will damage equipment, so I don’t imagine it’ll be dug any deeper. At least, not with a front end loader. While everything was damp from the rain, of course, there was no accumulation of moisture at the bottom at all.

The rain continued overnight, sometimes with heavy downpours, and continued through this morning. While we also heard/saw thunder and lightning during the night, we didn’t get an all-out storm over us. In other parts of the province, particularly in the far south, there were hail warnings, too.

This morning, after doing my rounds, I just had to go back and see.

We have water!!!

It’s barely more than a puddle at the bottom, but that doesn’t matter.

We have water!!

Given the clay layer at the bottom, it should actually stay, rather than drain away. We’re supposed to continue to get a bit of rain, off and on, over the next few days, though whether that will continue to reach us, I don’t know. Every little drop we get, however, will be a blessing, and with the pit dug deeper, a boon for the renter’s cows and the wildlife.

I’m just so excited!

The Re-Farmer

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