All tucked in

There was a break in the rain, giving me a chance to test out my squash hammocks.

This is a melon, not a squash, but “melon hammock” doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve made three of these so far. I think I got the size right. None of the melons or winter squash will get much bigger than this. The ties need to be a bit longer, though.

For those who want to know, it’s basically just a filet crochet square, with chain stitch ties woven through the openings on opposite sides that act as drawstrings, to keep the fruit snug. I used medium weight cotton yarn and a 6mm – J/10 hook.

I think I’ll make a few more to have handy, if needed.

The Re-Farmer

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