Aaaall the babies

I just realized I had an achievement this morning.

For the first time, I got photos of all ten kittens this morning! Usually, they are running around or hiding so much, I miss a couple.

There are no adult cats in this photo. We’ve got seven kittens from three litters, including Junk Pile’s kitten that looks just like her.

Under the shrine, we’ve got two adults and three kittens. The kittens that are at the food tray are from two different litters, Toesencrantz and Bradicous, but I can’t tell if the one on the ground is Chadicous, or Junk Pile’s tabby that looks so much like Bradicous and Chadicous.

Sadly, I did not get to touch any kitties, nor spend time trying, as I had to hurry to finish my rounds and make a trip into town.

But that will be for my next post!

The Re-Farmer

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