She’s back!

Rolando Moon is back!

We have not seen this lady in ages!

And she is HUNGRY!

The poor thing is so skinny. In the photo, you can even see the hollows near her hips. She has always been a big, beefy cat. This is the thinnest we have ever seen her.

When my daughters saw her, there was no food left in the kibble house, so they refilled the trays a bit. Unfortunately, that brought Potato Beetle over, and he immediately started a fight with Rolando. Rolando has always been rather mean to the other cats, but now they all seem to have it in for her. I’ve seen Butterscotch and Rosencrantz go after her, too.

So my younger daughter took one of the food containers over by the sun room and stayed with her as she ate like she was starving, keeping Potato Beetle away and giving her some love. Rolando would go from ignoring the pets while eating, or stopping to hiss – then lean in for more pets! She was always the sort that would let you pet her, then turn around an bite at you.

Later on, Potato came around and went after her, and just wouldn’t stop. She ran up a tree and he ran right after. Even when we got out the hose to spray him, he kept trying to fight her, ignoring the water. They were so high up, one of my daughters ended up climbing up a step ladder to be able to spray him more directly, and finally got him down, eventually shooing him out of the inner yard completely.

Last I saw, Rolando Moon was still in the tree, but she had gone down lower and was settled into a comfortable crook.

I do hope she stays around, and that we can keep the other cats from going after her. She is one of the cats that I have photos of from when my younger daughter and I had made a road trip out, staying here at the farm with my dad, back in 2015, along with Beep Beep and Butterscotch.

As glad as I am that Potato Beetle is back, he has not been good for the other cats. At least he doesn’t go after the kittens; just the adults. Rolando Moon is not a cat that we could ever bring indoors, but this old girl deserves some peace and love!

The Re-Farmer

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