Morning kitties, and wayward vegetables

Heading out to do my morning rounds is pretty awesome these days. ALL of the kitties come running!

I even got to give Nosencrantz full body pets – but only while she was eating! Toesencrantz started to come close, but she was too nervous with me being so close, and kept going away. So I left, to give her a chance to eat.

The other eight kittens, plus Potato Beetle, converged on the kibble house! 😀 What a crowd! Gosh, they’re getting big. 🙂

While I was out by the furthest garden beds, I started hearing some exciting meowing. It took a while, but Rolando Moon came over from wherever she had spent the night across the road, all excited. She let me pet her, then followed me as I went around the garden and made my way back to the house. As we got closer to the house, she would start hissing in between her meows, even though there were no other cats in sight. She was sure on the lookout for a nasty Potato Beetle!

By the time we got to the kibble house, all the other cats were done eating and were gone, so she had a chance to have breakfast in peace.

There were a few squash large enough to pick this morning; a small enough harvest that I could fit them in my jacket pockets! 😀

I found another Madga squash ready to pick, and even one of the mutant sunburst patty pans – the one that’s part green, part yellow – was a nice size to pick, and even one zucchini was ready.

Just one.

While going through the squash tunnel, Rolando Moon ran ahead of me to the end, then flung herself to the ground, waiting for pets.

Right next to a zucchini.

When I had picked squash yesterday, I was carrying them in my arms rather awkwardly, and it looks like I dropped one! 😀

With the fix on our main entry door hinges giving out, we’ve been using the sun room to go in and out of the house. This requires going through a door into the old kitchen, where the cats are not allowed. The door is an old style door with a skeleton key lock on it – though there is no key for it anymore. From there, there is a pair of doors going into the sun room; in the summer, we leave the solid, inner door open. The outer door, which has a window with a screen that we keep partly open for air circulation, is a sort of buffer between the old kitchen and the sun room, in case an outside cat is in the sun room, or an inside cat sneaks into the old kitchen. There are a couple of them that REALLY want to get into the old kitchen!!

Finally, there are the sun room doors. Once again, for the summer, we leave the inner, solid door open, while the outer door, with its screen window partially open for air circulation, is one last barrier. I used to leave the sun room doors open while working outside and have to go in and out frequently, but sometimes an outside cat slips in to investigate and I accidentally close them in when I’m done, so I try to keep that one closed most of the time, too.

When I came into the sun room after finishing my rounds this morning, I spotted a cat jumping off the old wood cook stove in the old kitchen, though the window in the old kitchen door. My initial thought was the Fenryr had once again slipped by me so fast I didn’t see her.

Boy was I wrong.

You see, the old door leading from the house to the old kitchen has… issues. Sometimes, when it seems to be closed, the latch doesn’t actually catch. Then, after a while, the door simply pops open.

By the time I came back, it was wide open, and most of the cats were in the old kitchen, exploring.

As soon as I opened the door from the sun room, there was a rush of cats going into the sun room.

Thank goodness that outside door was closed!!

It took a spray bottle and a few minutes, just to get the cats out of the sun room and into the old kitchen, so I could close that door. Then it took a few more minutes to get them out of the old kitchen and into the rest of the house, so I could close that door. Only then could I empty my jacket pockets of vegetables onto the big freezer, though as I hung my jacket up, I spotted a Nicco in the little niche by the wood cook stove, hiding under my late father’s folded up wheelchair. At that point, I left her along, put things away and, by the time I came back, she came out on her own and I was able to get her to leave.

Inside and outside cats all together, I had 28 cats to deal with this morning! And I didn’t even see the three mamas, yet. 😀

I guess that makes me a crazy cat lady!

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Morning kitties, and wayward vegetables

  1. 28?? Whoa!!! But at least you have the property for it!! I have a 943sqft house and roughly 12’×12′ back yard… with 6 indoor cats and 7 outdoor cats currently living here. Last night was non-stop noise on my ceiling after temps dipped just low enough for all of the outdoor cats to decide to move into the roof crawlspace.

    The outdoor cats all get along. The indoor cays do not, plus they’ve taken to peeing/pooping all around the house. I’m going to see if some calming diffusers will help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, my goodness! Yes, that’s a lot of cats in a small space! My bedroom is bigger than your back yard!

      It sounds like the indoor cats are really stressed out. Ours start to do their business in all the wrong places when things get tense. 😦


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