Fall garden update: Crespo squash

These guys get a post, all to themselves!

The Crespo squash has turned out to be another one of our surprises. They are another of our “fun” choices; a Peruvian variety of pumpkin that gets large, green and warty.

I couldn’t resist.

They seemed to thrive in our climate (there was no zone information with the seeds), and were doing so well until they got repeatedly eaten! I thought for sure they were done for, and was already looking ahead to how we could protect them as we tried them again next year. I hadn’t planted many seeds, so we do still have some left over.

But now we have our mild October, and have had no frost at all, and the Crespo squash is recovering to an amazing extent!

Some of the colder overnight temperatures have done a bit of damage to the leaves, but look at those flowers – both male and female!

I actually had to rescue the one in the foreground; the flower was half way through the mesh. 😀

There are little squashes like this, being held high on their vines, all over the place.

Hopefully, we have enough active pollinators, because with the barriers to keep the deer out, there is no way to be able to get in and try hand pollinating them.

Some newer squash are looking bigger, and appear to have been successfully pollinated.

The very first squash that we found, way in the middle of the two plants, did end up withering away and dropping off, but these two that developed next are getting bigger and look like they are going to make it.

At least until we do get our first frost.

These are supposed to get quite large, but I don’t know how fast the fruit will grow, once they get doing. Well they have enough time to fully mature?

I guess we’ll find out! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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