First Burn, and kitty count

Last night, I did something we haven’t been able to do in almost two years – and the last time I did it, I probably shouldn’t have!

I did a burn.

The burn barrel has been full for some time, but with the conditions we’ve had for the past two summers, we had full burn bans, including burn barrels and fire pits. I suppose we could have done burns in the winter, but we had such a bitterly cold winter in between, we just didn’t.

While I was outside, tending the fire, I had cats and kittens, circling around me the whole time! The kittens were curious enough to play around me, but not enough to come close. πŸ˜€

Speaking of kittens…

I did a head count will feeding the outside cats this morning. For two areas, it’s easy. Rosencrantz and her babies were at their private dining area (and what is Toesencrantz doing, the way he’s all stretched out and flattened like that?? LOL), while Butterscotch and Tuxedo Mask were at the kibble tray on the ground. So we’ve got three kittens accounted for.

Inside the kibble house, however…

So we have Potato Beetle in front and Rolando Moon in the roasting pan. That leaves… nine kittens?

Do we have twelve, this morning?

Then I realized I was seeing double.

There are two Junk Piles in the kibble house. Junk Pile Cat and her mini-me, Junk Pile Baby! Who is almost as big as her mother.

So now I’m thinking that on the one day that I counted a dozen kittens, I may have accidentally counted Junk Pile as as kitten.

The kittens are all getting so big! πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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