Our 2021 garden; enjoying a sad little corn harvest

This morning, I went through all the sweet corn blocks and harvested anything the looked like it might have a few kernels on it. 😀

I can’t remember which variety I’d planted in each block, but you can really tell the difference in them! I’d started with the southernmost block, which almost filled my giant colander. The husks with so much red in them are from the middle block. Most of that one had split husks with green or dried out kernels visible, so there were not a lot to pick. The teeniest cobs were the largest ones I found in the northernmost block.

These are the husked corn from that northernmost block. I’m honestly surprised by how many developed kernels there are on them. They are the tiniest of cobs, and yet they are still edible!

These are from the centre block. Their darker colour has more to do with that fact that these where the first to develop cobs and are past their peak eating stage. I actually enjoy corn at this stage; there is a toothiness to them that I like, and the flavour is more “corn” than “surgar”. A lot of the cobs had a whole side that did not get pollinated, so as the pollinated kernels formed, the cobs formed a curved shape.

The southernmost block where the last to mature, and these are actually at their peak. In fact, some of the cobs I picked turned out to still be way too under ripe, and went straight into the compost pile. Even as I shucked them, I had to be careful as the kernels were so tender and juicy, if I accidentally scraped a fingernail over them, they’d practically burst!

While I joke about this being such a sad little harvest, I’m actually really happy. They are tiny, poorly pollinated, and there are so few of them, but we actually have corn to pick! I honestly was not expecting any in these blocks. Thankfully, we have not had any frost yet, and our temperatures have remained mild, if not downright hot at times. If not for these weather conditions, we would have had none at all. I’d be pulling everything up for compost.

Instead, I had sweet, buttered corn for breakfast!

The Re-Farmer

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