Kitties of the morning!

One of the most fun things about heading outside in the mornings has become seeing all the cats waiting for me, outside the sun room door.

Most were moving around too much to try and get photos through to door, but Nosencrantz was willing to post for me!

Gosh, she looks so much like Nicky the Nose!!! I wonder if she will get big like him, too?

Junk Pile Jr. was patiently waiting for me to move on, so she could get back to the kibble!

As was her brother (sister?), Tuxedo Mask, and her cousin, Caramel. πŸ˜€

Nosencrantz is getting so comfortable with me! I could walk right up to her, pet her and take photos, without her even looking like she was about to run off.

Caramel was perched and watching me from the old tire planter, but when I moved to take her picture, that was a bit too much for her!

Meanwhile, four other kittens were prowling in the nearby white lilacs!

Two of them are completely hidden by the leaves in this photo, but if you look closely, you’ll find part of a little orange face – just one eye and one ear – peaking through the leaves.

I like my morning company!

The Re-Farmer

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