Oh, the little bugger!

My husband was able to feed the outside cats for me this morning, so when I came out to do the rest of my morning rounds later, most of them had already moved on. Junk Pile Jr. was by the door and aaaalllmost let me pet her, but not quite! She did sniff my hand, though.

Then I saw Rosencrantz and Toesencrantz at their private dining area under the shrine and had to take a closer look. What was Toesencrantz doing?

He was all sprawled out on the kibble tray, as if he was taking a nap!

Very unusual. Was he okay?

As I watched, he would sometimes lift his head and snuzzle his mother.

Awww… How sweet!

Using the zoom on my phone camera makes for some terrible photos, so I tried to slowly come closer, without disturbing them.

It didn’t work.

Seeing me come closer, Toesencrantz started to get up, then finally move away from where he was lying, to the other side of the tray, watching me to see if I’d come any closer.

His mother immediately moved over to start eating the kibble he had been lying on top of.

The little bugger! He had lying on top of the food, leaving only the little dregs around him for his mother to eat!

So much for being all adorable Rosencrantz! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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