Morning Cuteness

For some reason, I just couldn’t sleep last night, so I much appreciated my husband being able to feed the outside cats for me and let me get what little sleep I did. Usually, that means I don’t really see the yard cats when I do get out, but he hadn’t been up to giving them water. We’re regularly giving them warm water in the mornings now, so I took care of that when I headed out. There were no cats around at first, but as soon as the warm water was available, a whole bunch of them came out of the cat’s house to indulge!

Agnoos was the only one who was willing to pose for a photo.

Oh, the cuteness!

I am very happy to see the kittens are making full use of the cat’s house. It’s become common, now, for me to walk past it and find several kitten faces watching me through the window. The shelf in front of the sun room, where the bottom two shelves were modified to make insulated shelters for them last winter, is also being used regularly.

I totally get why my later father loved the yard cats so much! ❤

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Morning Cuteness

    • Yes, and at least the one shelter will have heat in it, too! Though I’m still holding out for a mild winter this year. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting a milder, wet winter for our region, and I’m hoping they’re right!

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