Ginger Bug Progress

Well, we are into our third day of starting our ginger bug. It got its third feeding last night, and third morning stir today.

Look at those bubbles!

While researching how to make this, I saw sites that said it could be used after three days. Others said to wait four to ten days. All seemed to agree that it could be used once it starts bubbling.

Which means we should be able to start fermenting some pop, any time now!

I picked up some cranberry-raspberry juice to try first. There should be enough for at least two or three 8 cup batches. The recipes I’ve been reading said to use 7 1/2 cups juice to 1/2 cup ginger bug. Eight cups is not a lot, though.

Time to go back over the various instructions I’ve found and confirm the next steps we need to take. Then I have to decide on what container to use. Depending on what we go with, we might do a double recipe. We shall see!

The Re-Farmer

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