What a crowd!

The entire household is really sluggish today, which means I headed outside to do my rounds later than usual. Though the outside cats had their food topped up yesterday evening, it looks like their hunting has not been very successful, because it was all gone, and they were very hungry!

I even got to pet one of the ‘icouses, though I’m not sure which one. I can only be sure it wasn’t Bradicous, as there was no white tail tip, and it wasn’t the one with the black nose, nor the one with the mostly white back legs.

They were running all over the place in excitement! As you can see, Creamsicle Baby is still here – and Butterscotch is not happy to see him. What a mean Mom!

The kittens kept running from kibble tray to kibble tray in excitement!

Not only did we have all 11 kittens running around, but a whole slough of adults! Ghost Baby is getting braver about coming closer as I fill the tray under the shrive, though she still won’t eat if I’m too close. We had Ghost Baby, Junk Pile, Rosencrantz, Butterscotch and Roland Moon for the ladies. Potato Beetle, Nutmeg, and Creamsicle Baby made up the gentlemen. Which made for a crowd of 19 cats – assuming I’m not forgetting someone!

Butterscotch came over for some attention. She even followed me while I was doing my rounds and let me carry her for a while. Nutmeg and Rolanda also came over for extra attention. Nutmeg even followed me into the sun room when I tried to go inside, and he did NOT want to leave!

They do make morning’s fun. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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