Our 2022 garden: first seed order is in!

Our first order of seeds from Veseys arrived in the mail today!

You can read about why I ordered what I did in this post.

We got our two types of pole beans and the corn in baggies. There are quite a lot of seeds in each, which is pretty awesome. After this past summer’s gardening, I’ve decided there is no such thing as planting “too many” of anything! The pole beans will be planted at the squash tunnel, and will probably take up the whole thing.

Bulb onions, bunching onions and shallots. I plan to order a variety of red onions I have my eye on, when we place another order next month. For this year’s garden, I plan to start the onions indoors much earlier. In the local gardening groups. many start their onions from see in January!

I’m not sure what happened here. We were supposed to get two varieties of winter squash; the candy roaster, and Winter Sweet Organic squash, not a summer squash! I ordered 40566A, not 40556A.

I will have to contact them about it. The squash I got is a pattypan squash, so I’m actually happy with this, but I do want my Winter Sweet!

We’ve got our two types of turnip to try. I’ve never grown turnip before, nor do I remember my mother ever growing them, either.

And finally, the beets, ground cherry and cucumber.

I’m really looking forward to growing the ground cherry!

Since I also plan to order more peas, and dry bean varieties, on top of the pole beans, cucumbers, and vining squash, we are going to need to build more climbing structures for next year’s garden!

These are still from the 2021 catalogue. A lot of seed companies don’t have their 2022 inventory available yet. I may be jumping the gun, but I’d rather order early. There’s a lot of talk about food shortages coming up and, while that is for the next few months, it is just more incentive to plan ahead for next year, and growing as much of our own food as possible.

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